Flawless is A mother, artist, model, songwriter, actress an overall business woman; Jessica Marie Carr is the definition of β€˜LEADER’. Born and raised in St.Louis,Missouri learning how to be a young boss in training from her grandmother and mother Pie & Poohkey Β In north county in a little town called Ferguson Her love and passion for music made her nothing less than extraordinary when she said little ol St. Louis was too small for her big ol dreams making the huge move to Atlanta,Ga in 2013 pregnant with Gabriella Giselle her youngest child and her oldest son Christian Micheal her older sister Jasmine drove 9 hours non stop with a fully packed car with all their belongings an little brother Cameron holding Christian all determined for a better chance an change in life later moving her whole family down south like her little sisters Ceez and Gooddie & Excell plus her nieces an nephews Caydien Emir an Eryn . Some of you may recognize her from movies, television shows, plays , ads ,commercials, major videos etc…, where she actively showcases her talents. FLAWLESS, has entered in the music industry full force and fully prepared to build a legacy worth leaving but for now she will wow the critics and move the audience with originality and umphhhh welcome to the world of Flawless an stay tuned this is just the beginning baby πŸ’‹ .